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I believe that anyone who seeks healing has the power to do it on their own through appropriate guidance. My goal is to create minimal dependence on your therapist and to complete a series of treatments in as few sessions as possible. I believe in my patients and their full desire to live a healthy and happy life without pain.

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  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Cartilage Erosion
  • Tendonitis
  • Spurts and Repetitive Sprains
Treating Patients Since 2003
McKenzie Method

The Mckenzie method was  developed in New Zealand by Robin McKenzie decades ago. McKenzie conceived his method after serving for many years as an ordinary physiotherapist and identified serious problems in the level of service received by the average patient suffering from an orthopaedic problem. 

More than 30 Thousand Successful Treatments


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Telehealth is an industry that is gaining momentum all over the world, and in recent years, in Israel as well.

The McKenzie Method (MDT) is successfully applied worldwide in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic problems. Its great advantage is that it is based on signs and symptoms, reactions and range of motion, and therefore can be diagnosed and treated effectively without stepping into the clinic!


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Our clinic is highly professional, maintaining privacy, complete medical confidentiality, and strictly respecting all rules of professional ethics.


Peleh Yoetz Medical Clinic

We provide customized medical information at NO COST

When a person approaches a doctor or any other entity in the health care system, he or she will receive a diagnosis and treatment proposal. For the most part, he will not be given comprehensive information about the process of making the diagnosis, how accurate it is, how likely it is, and what it actually says. The same applies to the proposed treatment. What is the effect of the exact treatment, is there a possible alternative, what happens if no treatment is taken at all, and so on.

Any practical question related to any medical field, such as: “My 10-year-old son was diagnosed with flatfeet and was recommended to buy insoles, what do you think?” “They told me I’m sensitive to gluten but I’m not sick with celiac.” , “I am borderline in terms of blood sugar levels.”

The answer will include mainly reliable, scientific, and research-based information. This information will explain what the problem is, how the proposed treatment is supposed to deal with it, and what possible implications for the future. The goal is not to replace a physician’s diagnosis, but only to provide information based on science and research in order to enrich the applicant’s relevant knowledge.

The information will be provided free of charge.

For urgent inquiries, call the hot line number +972-50-8800777 (note that in cases of immediate danger, call the emergency and rescue center and not this number!) In normal cases, fill out the form on the right. You must write a full name, age, and any medical background that may be relevant to the subject.

The staff of the center maintains strict medical confidentiality of all consultations.

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What Our Patients
Say about us

After two weeks I did not need a cane and the pain was gone. Amazing that you can diagnose and treat with today’s technology even without physically going to the clinic!


After two days there was a dramatic improvement in the knee, and after about 10 days I returned to full function.


I suffered for a few months from severe pain in my right knee, and I made an appointment with a surgeon.

Amit checked me and recommended only one exercise. After two weeks, the relief was significant and I canceled the surgery. Two months later, I already forgot I had a problem.


For about 10 years I suffered from aching pain in my right elbow. Amit told me that the problem was due to the nerve that goes from my  neck to my elbow. He recommended that I perform precise stretches of the nerve several times a day. After a few weeks, the pain completely disappeared.


Amit Geron

I care about your health

My specialty is accurate mechanical diagnosis and treatment according to the McKenzie method, paying attention to the neurophysiological aspects that accompany many chronic pain conditions. I make sure my patient receives custom tailored tools to rehabilitate himself.

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